Policy-Driven Network Service Delivery


Workshop at Openstack Summit, Austin 2016 - Developing, Deploying, and Consuming L4-7 Network Services

One Convergence, along with Cisco, Intel and Sungard, conducted a hands on workshop at the OpenStack Summit, Austin 2016 on Developing, Deploying, and Consuming L4-7 Network Services.
OpenStack infrastructure services for compute, networking, and storage have matured and are seeing increased adoption in production environments. This tutorial session shows how to combine these fundamental services with other ancillary services around image management, security, monitoring, policy-based orchestration to build, deploy and consume rich networking services in an OpenStack Cloud.
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Solution Overview: NSD for Cisco ACI

The joint solution of One Convergence Network Service Delivery (NSD) and Cisco ACI allows for high level of automation of all layers of the networking stack and enables enterprises and service providers to roll out rich set of network services at scale in OpenStack cloud deployments. The solution can support OpenStack deployment with Neutron API / ML2 or with declarative intent based Group-Based Policy.

Quick Overview: Network Service Automation with One Convergence & Cisco ACI

This is a single slide executive overview of the solution of One Convergence Network Service Delivery (NSD) and Cisco ACI to automate all layers of the networking stack to roll out network services in OpenStack cloud deployments.

Solution Overview: NSD for OpenStack

One Convergence Network Services Delivery (NSD) platform offers OpenStack Cloud operators a highly differentiated Network Services automation solution that supports a broad spectrum of L4‐7 services while maximizing infrastructure efficiency and ease of use.

Datasheet: Network Service Delivery Controller

One Convergence Network Services Delivery (NSD) enables orchestration and lifecycle management of network services in OpenStack. The controller enables complete policy driven automation of rich differentiated services comprising of open source and vendor network services and offers innovative choices for insertion models and service chains.

Demo Video: NSD with Cisco ACI (OpenStack Summit, Tokyo)

This video showcases One Convergence Network Service Delivery Controller (NSD) integration with Cisco ACI

White Paper: Group-Based Policy for OpenStack

As OpenStack clouds begin to scale and the basic infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) use case evolves, there is a need to look beyond the initial challenges set of setting up virtual machines, configuring block storage devices, and orchestrating network connectivity on demand. Future IaaS environments need to focus on deployment and delivery of applications and services rather than just orchestrating infrastructure components. Group-Based Policy (GBP) offers a set of API extensions to manage OpenStack infrastructure through declarative policy abstractions, to enable automating OpenStack infrastructure. The abstractions are general enough to apply to networking resources, computing and storage resources as well.