Cisco ACI

The joint solution of One Convergence Network Service Delivery (NSD) and Cisco ACI allows for high level of automation of all layers of the networking stack and enables enterprises and service providers to roll out rich set of network services at scale in OpenStack cloud deployments. The solution can support OpenStack deployment with Neutron API / ML2 or with declarative intent based Group-Based Policy.


The One Convergence Network Service Delivery (NSD) platform delivers next generation technologies to address the demands of the OpenStack cloud operators by providing innovations in automation and orchestration of rich network services operating at scale and reliability.

One Convergence Network Overlay

One Convergence can enable Network Overlays to go along with Service Overlays to provide a complete network overlay and service delivery solution for OpenStack cloud deployments. Network Overlays are driven by a intent based policy model and together with the Service Delivery Controller, One Convergence provides a comprehensive L2-L7 networking solution that enables automation, self-service and agile deployment.