Network Service Delivery (NSD) platform unique architecture applies the SDN principles of separation of control, management and data planes to the deployment of L3-L7 network services. The architecture is distributed at the control and data plane to support the hyper-scale cloud use cases of Enterprise private clouds, Managed Service provider clouds and Service provider clouds.  The platform implements a pluggable architecture to provide life cycle management and configuration of network services in a manner agnostic to the deployed network services. The platform allows multiple vendor network services to be chained and managed allowing operators to offer rich and flexible network services with no vendor lock-in. The platform supports the community driven intent policy model (GBP) that vastly simplifies networking and network services deployment and operations for operators and end users.  The platform will be made available as an open source project allowing community participation and innovation. Further the platform is architected to be extensible to support multiple network and cloud fabrics under a common API model thus simplifying the operator dilemma of vendor lock-in, hybrid environments and migration.

The NSD and its open source component follows these architectural guidelines to provide a robust network service framework for enterprise and service provider clouds.