Key Functions

Network Service Delivery (NSD) solution simplifies and automates delivery of rich set of multi-vendor and open-source L3 to L7 network services for OpenStack cloud deployments. The solution among other things provides lifecycle management, service assurance / HA, operational visibility & analytics.


Higher-level, reusable community driven abstractions that capture user intent for creating networks and services to enable automation, self-service and agile deployment.

Lifecycle Service Orchestration

Orchestration of L4 to L7 network services and lifecycle management for virtual appliances. Configuration and placement of network services with support for vendor specific extensions.

Insertion & Chaining

Insertion and chaining of open source and leading multi-vendor network services such as load balancer, firewall, VPN, IPS / IDS etc.

High Availability

Support for fail-over and high availability to increase uptime for network services.


Automation and framework for scaling of networks and services based on predefined policies.


Virtual switching offload combined with intelligent inline acceleration for network service functions.

Mix & Match

Network Service Delivery platform can enable open source and leading multi-vendor network services like routers, Load balancers, Firewalls, VPN, IPS etc. for an OpenStack cloud.

Open Source + Leading Vendor

Solution enables open source network services like HAProxy, VyOS, pfSense along with leading vendor offerings from Cisco, F5 and others.

Virtual + Physical

Support for virtual appliances as well as physical appliances in a cloud deployment.

Individual + Shared

Network services can be dedicated for each individual tenant or shared across multiple tenants.

Flexibile Network Fabric

NSD solution can be deployed with OpenStack Neutron, Cisco ACI and other network fabrics / SDN controllers

Open Standards Based Solution